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The Pocket Glow - The Most Versatile All In One Selfie Stick

The Pocket Glow - The Most Versatile All In One Selfie Stick

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Your New Selfie Bestie

Whether you vlog, take selfies, or simply record for fun, The Pocket Glow has you covered. Eliminate the clutter or hassle in setting up the perfect angle and lighting. 
Made to fit in your pocket with ease, as well as can extend up to 43.3 inches when fully opened, making it effortless to achieve the ideal angle
Simplify your selfie-taking experience with the all-in-one Pocket Glow. A compact way to  bring the perfect lighting, angle, and camera anywhere

Pocket Size

This palm-sized keyboard weighs only 8.8 ounces, making it easy to carry in
your pocket or bag.
Go from the pocket size of 3.9 inches to 43.3 inches. Unlike competing brands that only reach 28 inches 
Set up and adjust your desired angles and lighting depending on your filming needs.

Adjustable Lighting

The Pocket Glow allows you to select from three distinct lighting modes that match your mood or preference.
Many phone stands and selfie sticks lack integrated ring lights, which can offer ideal lighting in any environment.

Hands-Free Shooting

The pocket glow comes with a Bluetooth remote that you can take a photo from your phone with as well as scroll through your photos and videos.
Take control of your content creation in the most hands-free way possible. 
Capture every angle imagined with a completely adjustable joint to point your phone at any angle imaginable

Stable Tripod

The Pocket Glow, crafted from aviation-grade stainless steel and bolstered by a four-point support structure, guarantees a steady hold during shooting.
Go from a reliable selfie stick to a sturdy tripod in seconds.

Any Phone At Any Angle

The Pocket Glow was made to fit any size phone. Compatible with all Apple, Android, and Windows phones. 
Equip yourself with a way to rotate your phone 360 degrees, Ensuring to capture any angle you desire.  
If your phone is equipped with Bluetooth, it can connect to the Pocket Glow!




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